These are some Dragonfly and Damselfly photos from my latest collections.

I have hundreds of photos of odonates from both upper Wisconsin and deep South Texas.  If you would like photos of any species I may have please contact me at:
The photos may be used free of charge in any non-profit endeavor as long as credit is given.  There will be a small fee for the electronic transfer of each photo.   If you intend to use my photos commercially there is a charge of $10.00 for each one.

                                     Click each photo to enlarge.


Four-spotted Skimmer                                 Calico Pennant


Widow Skimmer                                         Thornbush Dasher


Band-winged Dragonlet                               Narrow-striped Forceptail


Amber-winged Spreadwing                          Rainbow Bluet


Smoky Rubyspot                                        Carmine Skimmer


Stygian Shadowdragon                               Midland Clubtail


Double-striped Bluet                                  Orange Bluet