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My interests include Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Damselflies, Tiger Beetles,  R/C Flying, Ham Radio, Computer projects, Astronomy, Geocaching, and who knows what else.  This Website is always a work in progress. 

This website contains mainly  photographs and if you see something you like please   e-mail me.

I  have recently prepared a new  version of  " Butterflies of South Texas,"  a reference collection on Flash Drive containing over 750 photos of 228 species found in the Rio Grande valley of Texas.  I also have a smaller collection available for "The Butterflies of Upper Wisconsin."  

                     These photos are from "Butterflies of South Texas"
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           Isabella Heliconian               Mexican Yellow               Blue-eyed Sailor


                  Malachite              Orange-barred Sulphur          Mexican Bluewing


      Red-lined Scrub Hairstreak       Ruddy Daggerwing         Dusky-blue Groundstreak

 "Butterflies of South Texas"  contains over 750 digital photos of  228 species all of which were taken in the 3 county area at the tip of Texas.  I have not published it on CD as in the past but you may purchase a digital copy on a flash drive for $20.00  All the files found on the CD version will also be on the new Flash Drive.

Click on this LINK  for details in MS WORD format.

The photos below are from "Butterflies of Upper Wisconsin"

It is currently being updated and available only by special request.


                  Gray  Copper                                          Acadian  Hairstreak


                    White Admiral                                         Karner Blue